O2 fuel optimizer 701/690/700 2021-2024

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Inline O2 optimizer for the husqvarna 701 ktm 690 smc-r gasgas 700 sm/enduro 2021+ 


Specially made for the 2021-2024 euro 5 engine (EU) but also works for the 2008-2020 engines as the close loop can be retained so you don't remove the O2 sensor. 


The in line O2 optimizer works with the original O2 sensor and gives the engine more fuel and The engine will run richer (+-5%)in the lower rpm. (Under the 5000 rpm).



Advantages are that the engine does not get so hot and runs smoother in the low rpm's

Easy to install just plug and play, no engine lights and you don't remove the O2 sensor. 


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