Husqvarna 701/ktm 690 smc r gasgas 700 rottweiler SAS removal

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 SAS/Canister removal KIT

HUSKY 701 2017-2024

ktm 690 smc r 2019-2024

Gasgas 700 2021-2024

Rottweiler SAS/can sister removal KIT 


This bike specific kit contains everything you will need to remove the SAS and canister system and also includes both dongles to keep the FI light from coming on.


All of the pieces you will need are contained in this very comprehensive kit. 


Husqvarna 701 2017/2024 and ktm 690 smc r 2019 - 2024 (also the euro 5 EU version ktm/husqvarna)



  • 2.5 Lbs weight reduction
  • More room for tools
  • No more popping on deceleration
  • Cleans up engine space

download your manual  here

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